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I am a movement educator and therapist. I work with infants, their parents and adults of all ages. I use and study developmental movement principles to guide my work. During my three decades working in Maternal Child Nursing I found a need for including the earliest experiences with feeding and regulation into the trajectory of how human movement unfolds. My work has led me to study the fundamental issues of human engagement and organization of essential basic functions. The different populations I work with all share this template of development. 

  • In early infancy the needs are for bonding, comfort and feeding. I work with infants who may have functional or physical challenges. I bring two decades of experience as a IBCLC Lactation Consultant to support these.

  • During the first year of life and beyond the foundations for healthy and full human movement develop with essential qualities of curiosity and confidence.I use manual therapy, Body-Mind Centering and the Child’Space Method to support infants who are in way struggling with this process. 

  • Many individuals have unique challenges and need engaged connection to improve their capacities or use those that they have. I have had the good fortune to work with individuals with varieties of life long issues and disabilities.These clients have led me to continue to search for new possibilities in learning.

  • Many adults find that they have recurring limitations in their functioning, injuries, pain or lack of ability to live in their bodies with the comfort and fullness they wish. I offer body and movement work to correspond to the clients interest and need. 



I studied creative dance with my mother as a child. As a young woman I studied modern dance and worked in an experimental dance company. I stopped dancing for many years due to physical injury. During this period I became a maternal/child nurse and worked mainly with childbirth. This lead to working with breast feeding and attachment issues which became my focus for many years. While continuing to work in this field I re-entered the world of movement for healing and expression. I became a Body-Mind Centering Practitioner in 2000. I focused initially on children and individuals with movement challenges. I then trained as a Laban/Bartenieff Practitioner. I developed a combination of these approaches as a foundation for training singers/ performers. I have worked with Barefoot Opera over a twelve year period developing an approach preparing classical singers to perform and sing with full physical integration. I continued to work with infants, young children and their families and became a Child’Space practitioner to further my understanding of the development of functional movement. As an adjunct to my practice I have and continue to study manual therapy with osteopathic teachers. I increasingly understand development problems and adult movement issues as a continuum.



  • Registered Nurse (RN)

  • Authorized Awareness Through Movement Teacher

  • Registered Movement Educator and Therapist

  • Body-Mind Centering Practitioner®️

  • Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis Practitioner

  • Child’Space Practitioner®️

  • Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)



We all have the innate ability to grow, learn and heal. This happens through our body which perceives, responds, functions and engages with the world. The demands of living may cloud and distort this ability. Our body needs our attention to uncover the patterns and habits we become enmeshed in. Care and interest are necessary to transform these patterns . Compassion and respect are needed to clarify habits we unconsciously attach to, and allow simpler more direct connections to emerge. 
I integrate my three decades and variety of experience in movement therapy to help clients to discover missing support and connection for what they wish to do or feel. Each teacher and method I have studied gives a lens for focusing on 
what to offer each client.
A session can range from non verbal manual therapy to movement facilitation or movement coaching. The integration of the methods I use is in the individual's experience and their unique process of becoming fully themselves.




I offer manual therapy, movement facilitation and movement coaching, for individuals and small groups.
Sessions are 60 minutes to 90 minutes by arrangement.


I offer individual sessions for infants using manual therapy and developmental approaches.
Sessions are usually 50 minutes - 60 minutes long.


I hold classes for infants and parents periodically. These classes generally meet once a week for for 3-4 weeks.


When my daughter was just days old, it was clear that we needed help with nursing. I was considering giving up breastfeeding. Evelyn's calm, soothing presence combined with her amazing experience helped us get on the right path and we were able to remediate our issues through her holistic, well-rounded, and individualized approach.

Evelyn's focus on breath, movement, and alignment has helped me to clarify principles from dance, yoga, and Pilates. Evelyn also facilitates healing, and helped me recover from a major injury, through unsurpassed body work that draws on many disciplines.

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